Journal originated from insight into the need for a multi-layered private office that serves the individual and the group. Inspired by the low-, mid- and high-rise structures of the urban skyline and ambiance of mixed-use city streets, Journal features include:

• Low-elevation credenzas, worksurfaces at the mid-touch zone and “high-rise” shelves and cabinets

• A standalone, height-adjustable table can be used at lounge, seated or standing height

• Built-in occasional seating in the form of a pivot bench glides easily into position on self-leveling casters, and retracts in line with the credenza to provide more space

• Along the horizontal plane, these elements create zones designated as personal/private and collaborative/public – with over-lapping activity zones that create a context for the continual ebb and flow of work

• Mounted monitor and screens are accommodated; and accessories in powder-coated metal organize papers and files

• Journal is available in all standard Flintwood and Natural Veneer V2 and V3 finishes

• Worksurfaces and door fronts are available in seamless finishes

• Metal credenza bases, table and run-off legs and drawer pulls are available in Teknion’s standard powder-coated finishes: Graphic Steel, Ebony, Platinum and Very White

Designed by Chris Wright and Steve Tsai