The modern workspace is calling for a diverse environment that allows people to work multiple ways. By combining the openness of a bench with the visual privacy of a panel system, Xsede balances focus and collaboration by providing the freedom to develop the space you need. Create, converse, collaborate, or concentrate; Xsede can be tailored to support the tasks of a workforce without compromising the overall movement of the open plan.

Consciously using the most necessary materials in the most efficient ways, Xsede is refined to provide a valued economic solution. Meet your project objectives, as well as your budget, with one responsible product. With a sleek, minimal, and sustainable design, less is definitely more with Xsede.

  • Easy power/data access
  • Proficient cable management
  • Easy specification, installation, & reconfiguration
  • Flexibility
  • Good value
  • Fresh, clean, simple design

Designed by Jay Henroitt