Three options of Keko Accounstic Panels

Keko 101 acoustic panel with a 3D structured fabric. Produced using the ‘Thermo-welding’ technique which creates an attractive, bubbled surface that optimises noise reduction.

Keko 102 acoustic panel with felt panel, a classical, timeless version that also offers excellent noise reduction, thanks to the underlying high-expansion foam plates.

Keko 103 Acoustic composite panel, a well-thought out sandwich-structure consisting of various perforated polycarbonate-layers. Assures excellent noise-protection for a translucent panel, in an exclusive design.


Width 48 cm 18.9″
Depth 1.8 cm 0.7″
Overall Depth 12 cm 4.7″
Weight 1.6 kg 3.53 lbs


Manufacturer: Sandlerseating